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The Church isn’t a building, it’s a community – a gathering of people aligned around the life -transforming message of Jesus. So even though we’re facing an unprecedented pandemic that has impacted every area of life, we will not allow our present circumstances to isolate us – we need community. Grumlaw At Home gives us the opportunity to connect with others, watch and experience weekend services together, and further dialogue about what God’s doing in our lives.

What is Grumlaw At Home?

A typical Grumlaw At Home experience will include
10 other adults hanging out in someone’s living room, basement, or patio.


Some time to eat and connect with each other before service starts.

3. A TV

Gathering around a TV during service to experience church together.
If you choose, a time to further unpack some questions related to the message.

Sign Up to be a part of Grumlaw At Home


If you’re interested in hosting Grumlaw At Home and would like to learn more, we’d love to get you more information. Please email [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Do we have to sign up for a home every week?
Yes, but we promise we’re not doing this to be difficult. This is done to keep in accordance with social-distancing recommendations and to make sure half the church doesn’t show up to one house.

Can I bring my kids?
Heck yes! Kids are welcome at all homes. During the service the kids will be moved to a different area of the house to watch a movie and eat some snacks. Once the Grumlaw Kids timer begins, the children will be gathered in front of the TV for the best screen time of the week.

Can I lead/host my own Grumlaw At Home experience on a Sunday morning?
Yep! Let us know you’re interested in being a leader/host by sending an email to [email protected]

What safety precautions are being taken in people’s homes?
We are recommending wearing masks, adhering to social distancing guidelines, and following CDC guidelines. The extent that these precautions are followed will be left in the hands of the leader/host. Additionally, if you’re not feeling well, let’s not risk it- stay at home.

What if I’m not comfortable gathering in someone’s home? Is Grumlaw still offering online services?
You betcha! Grumlaw’s online services aren’t going anywhere. Anyone with an electronic device can join our online services every Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00am by visiting