To our Grumlaw Family –
From day 1, our mission has been “to lead people towards Jesus.” Starting and having the privilege to lead Grumlaw has been the greatest joy of my life. I truly love what I do and cannot believe that God allows me to pastor this church. Truth be told, I would have been completely satisfied serving in my current role in it’s current capacity for the rest of my life. But it seems that God has a way of constantly pushing us for more- He uses us in ways we never thought imaginable if we’re simply obedient and give him a “yes.”
God has clearly opened up a door that I’m certain He’s asking us to step through. I hope you’ll take a couple minutes to watch the video below to hear more about our future- the best is yet to come.
Shea Prisk
Lead Pastor
Absolutely not. Shea will serve in his role as Lead Pastor over both campuses.

Venture began as a church-plant nearly 18 years ago, originally meeting at Farms Intermediate School in Hartland, MI. Since that point, the church has grown to a size of 1000 in Sunday attendance with it’s own facility off of M-59 just a couple miles west of US-23. You can find out more about Venture by visiting:

Shea will continue to be the primary communicator. He will divide his time evenly between both campuses once the merger is complete. As has always occurred, we will continue to develop a Teaching Team to speak at both campuses.
This will be a fairly gradual process. As you now know, this was publicly announced on September 20th. The merger in it’s entirety will be completed no later than April 18th, 2021.
Eventually one name will be adopted among both campuses. We will exist as “one church, two locations.” Over the coming months, the Board of Elders will decide what name serves as the greatest benefit to our communities.
Grumlaw will continue to be led by our Lead Pastor, Shea Prisk, whom will be overseen by an internal Elder Board made up of people who currently attend both Venture and Grumlaw.
Absolutely, what is done at one campus will occur at the other. For instance, you can expect the same weekend service experience in Grand Blanc that you would in Hartland. This will be a gradual process completed over several months.
In short, not many. We’ll largely be running the same “playbook” as before with the benefit of more knowledge and experience that comes with a larger staff and congregation. This is an opportunity for Grumlaw’s reach to expand well beyond Grand Blanc- our church family is rapidly growing!