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What Would It Take?

September 2019

What would it take for your brother to convince you that he is the Son of God? Apparently James, Jesus' brother, didn't believe it either... until he saw something.

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How to Neighbor

August – September 2019

As the world grows more connected, our neighbors are closer than ever. You might not share a fence, but you can still share their burdens and joys.

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At The Movies

July – August 2019

We’re bringing the movies to life! Experience some of your favorite films in a whole new way this summer at Grumlaw.

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All In

June 2019

There are certain values that make our lives better and better the lives around us. Let’s explore what it means to be “all-in.”

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You In Five Years

April – May 2019

What changes can we make now to become who we want to be in 5 years?

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Worth It: Easter 2019

April 2019

We all struggle with self-worth and feelings of insecurity. But 2000 years ago something happened that pointed to the tremendous value our Creator places on each of us.

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April 2019

Just as Jesus was worthy of the welcome he received riding into Jerusalem, He is forever worthy of our praise and worship.

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I Don't Understand What I Do

February – April 2019

Have you ever done something you’ve regretted? Why do we continue to do these things that are holding us back? Let’s explore how we break these habits that for a lot of us have been years- maybe even a lifetime in the making.

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Brand New

January – February 2019

How should the world view the church? Unfortunately, we’ve created a brand for the church that Jesus never intended. But we have the opportunity to give everyone a Brand: New perspective.

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Grumlaw's Turning One!

January 2019

God has been up to some pretty incredible stuff over our first year of existence, but He’s just getting started. Will you be a part of what God is doing?

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Take 2

December 2018 – January 2019

We rarely get it right the first time around- with little things like riding a bike or driving a car; but we also rarely get the big stuff right the first time around- jobs, parenting, our marriages. As we head into 2019, let’s minimize our “Take 2” moments.