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Meet our Team

Lead Pastor and wife, Grumlaw Church

Our Journey

I often tell people, “this wasn’t my idea to start a church.” It is a passion- a conviction that I have been unable to shake. It is God saying, “I want to use you for more,” and me being obedient- ready to go on the most exciting journey imaginable.

It is crazy that God has led Andrea and I to this point- starting a church. I didn’t see this coming, in fact, I told many people in college, “I will never work for a church.” So much for sticking to my guns- God has a way of asking us to do things that make us most uncomfortable. It’s in those moments that we rely and depend on Him most, because we know we can’t pull it off on our own.

As Grumlaw gets started, I’m terrified, humbled, and excited. I’m terrified because in so many ways I feel inadequate- I can’t believe that God chose me, a very ordinary man, to lead this. I’m so humbled that God, on a daily basis, uses average people to accomplish His mission on earth. But more than anything, I’m excited. It’s so exciting to see God use Grumlaw to make an impact on Grand Blanc and the surrounding communities. It’s beyond words to see lives completely transformed because of Jesus. I long for people to know that there is a very real God out there who absolutely wants what’s best for them- that God desires a relationship with every person on this planet because a life with Him is the most freeing and fulfilling way to possibly live. I desperately want people to know this- I desperately want to see more people have a relationship with their Creator.