Meet Our Team

contagious faith

Our love for Jesus is evident in the way we live our lives – it’s a childlike faith. People look at the staff of Grumlaw and think, «I want whatever the heck it is they’re working with”.

availability over ability

We will be consistent, reliable, and present – well above what the job description may call for. We will look for ways to say “yes” rather than “no” and seek out opportunities to “take something off the plate” of other staff members- we’re all in this together!

fierce loyalty

Loyalty is a must. As a team, we know, at a minimum, that the Grumlaw staff will always have each other’s backs. Gossip and negativity will not be tolerated.

real, raw, honest

Accountability and accessibility among the staff is a must. We will value trueness over our feelings, recognizing there’s a difference between “hurting” and “harming.” We will be a staff that seeks out and shares the “last 10%”.

we get to!

Serving the local church, the bride of Jesus, isn’t a chore, but a privilege. This isn’t something we “have to” do, we “get to.” What an honor that God would allow us to be a part of his redemptive plan for the world.

live. laugh. love.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously – life is just better when you can laugh at yourself and with those around you. We will laugh loud, hard, and often.

reject good for great

God has never been sloppy or careless with any of us, so why wouldn’t the church reflect that high level of excellence? We will strive to constantly “make it better” and never settle for “good enough”. We will uphold this standard at all costs.

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